ALMANAJIM GROUP FOR METAL SCRAP was established in 1940 by our Grandfather Amhimmid JAAKA in Tobruk city in the east of Tripoli by collecting and selling metal scrap. The company has been known by the name of the family ”JAAKA”.

In 1960 his son Musbah JAAKA has continued in the same way but he changed the location in this time and chose Misurata because of its strategic location and near to the key facilities; also he started developing the activity since he joined melting and forming in addition to collecting and selling .

Step by step his sons (Amhimmid JAAKA, Faysal JAAKA, Mohamed JAAKA, Ibrahim JAAKA and Rachid JAAKA) have developed the company and expand its range of services and products, also they opened on other companies in the world by exchanging the experience and the expertise and became the largest company in this field in Libya and in North Africa.


Almanajim Group was founded in 1940 and specialises in the trading and recycling of scrap, ferroalloys and metals in general. Our mission is to sell/buy metal at the best market conditions.

The company’s activities are not just limited to trading metals but also processing scrap from mechanical workshops, handling industrial waste and disposing of systems and equipment.

In fact, we are able to provide Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, Zinc and Aluminum.

Our target market is the major foundries, refineries, and steel mills  abroad (Europe, America, Far East, Asia and Africa) to whom we offer our metals and ferrous and non-ferrous scrap.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to cater to the specific scrap metal needs of our customers and, at the same time, to expand our sourcing points by creating strategic alliances with our key suppliers to best create value for our clients.

We want to generate value for all our stakeholders by making the most optimal use of all available resources and opportunities in an ethical, lawful and efficient manner.

Our mission further extends into our external environment, and our commitment to working together with our business partners, community organizations and interested stakeholders to improve our environmental quality and progress towards a clean and safer place to live and work for our future generations.

In order to achieve high growth and success for our various business concerns, Almanajim Group has combined specialized synergies and resources to become a most preferred partner in our client network.

  • Vision, Mission and Values

    Our mission is to make the best use of all available resources and opportunities in an ethical, effective, organized, professional, logical, creative and competitive manner thus creating value for our customers, suppliers, agents, service providers, employees, community, environment and shareholders.

  • Environment and resources saving

    Almanajim Group is conscious that a business has to be integrated into the environment it works in; furthermore it knows that the industrial development and the protection of the environment are inseparable components in order to obtain a sustainable development. For this reason Almnajem Group has always paid attention to protection and conservation of the environment.