-Ferrous scrap

HMS 1 is a collective term for heavier types of iron. This category includes material that is 6mm thick or more. This type of metal is sourced from, amongst others, demolished buildings

Just like HMS 1, this is a collective term for multiple types of iron. The difference between HMS 1 and HMS 1/2 is the thickness of the material. Thickness of HMS 1/2: between 3 and 6mm HMS 1: thicker than 6mm

Cast iron
This type of material is being used less and less frequently. Frequently occurring cast-iron products include sewer pipes, manhole covers and boilers, and in the past, also pots, pans and car engines.

Sheet iron
Material from the plating industry, often businesses involved in the automotive industry. Well-known types include plain sheet iron and galvanised sheet iron. A subcategory of sheet iron is cut sheet iron. This material has a thickness of 5mm or more.